Terahertz Experimental Unit(TeraProspector Base)

1. Description of Equipment

This product is an experiment unit based on the THz spectrum machine TeraProspector.
The optical components and the control components used are the same as the ones that have been installed in the TeraProspector. Since this is an experiment unit, it consists of an optics unit, a control unit, and a control PC mounted on a vibration-proof unit.
The customers are requested to use dry air and cover to remove the water vapor that may disrupt the measurement.
It is possible to select the function depending on the budget.

2. Specification

Measurement system THz-TDS(Time-Domain Spectroscopy)
Measurement signal Time waveform of the electric field strength
Output data Transmission/reflection spectrum (option), Complex Refractive Index and Complex Dielectric Constant (standard analysis program use)
Measurement zone 40 GHz – 4 THz or greater (cut-off frequency)
Spectral resolution 7 GHz or less
Dynamic range 50 dB or greater (power spectrum: Maximum)
femto- second pulsed laser Central wavelength near 780 -800 nm, pulse width less than 100 fs, power greater than 0.5nJ/pulse and frequency greater than 40 MHz
Operating environment 18-28°C(±1°C or less)
PC requirements PC compatible with Windows 10.
The PC (above) requires one wired LAN and one USB for connection to the Tera Prospector.
Software Measurement Software and Analysis Software
Outward Form(except CONTROLL UNIT) approximately 700(W)×700(D)×165(H)
40kg  (* excluding wiring and protrusions etc.)
Power source AC100V(50/60Hz) 10A

3. Components

Detection unit of Terahertz wave sign als

  1. Antenna Holder Unit(PCA for detection、Si super ?hemisphere lens、Holder )
  2. Elliptical mirror
  3. Plane mirror
  4. IV AMP(Amplifier of detection currents for PCA)

Emission unit of Terahertz wave signals

  1. Antenna Holder Unit(PCA for emission、Si super ?hemisphere lens、Holder )
  2. Elliptical mirror
  3. Plane mirror
  4. Bias modulation circuits(Addition of modulation power for PCA)

It is a base stage for installation of various sample measurement units.
It can carry an automatic sample conveyance unit (transmission and reflection) made in a single sample holder.

It is a stage unit for introducing light path length delays and is used at the time of terahertz laser optical pumping of the PCA for Emission unit and at the time of the laser detection of the PCA for Detection Unit. It is equipped with a sub stage for manually adjusting the light path origin.

It is the part of the unit used for control. The needed control part is put on a simple rack that is installed outside a unit above the PC.

  1. PC
  2. DC power source
  3. DELY STAGE controller
  4. RS232C-LAN converter

Auto alignment unit
The auto alignment mechanism aligns the position of the laser beam to automatically irradiate PCA (photoconductive antenna) in order to achieve the largest terahertz signal strength.

Vibration-proof unit
Base unit for setting the optical components mentioned in sections 3.1 to 3.6
※The parts that are used in the unit are also sold separately. In addition, we can produce parts based on the requirements of the customer. For details, please contact us.

Antenna Holder Unit(LT-GaAs with Photo conductive Antenna)


1. Main parts

Parts name Specification
Holder Dimensions:45W×40D×58Hmm(D is size of attached base.)
Si Lens φ26mm Center thickness 16.51mm Super hemisphere Si Lens
Antenna Dipole ,Bowtie, Strip Line
SMA Connector TMA5103-10(Maker:Tajimi)


Mapping stage (Three-axis translation stage)

1. Model

This system is a three-axis translation system to take some kinds of terahertz images such intensity, phase differential and spectral image.
It can be also used as a sampler because each axis of this system has a long traveling distance.
We are able to customize it for arbitrary object size, weight and measurement area according to customer’ s experimental purpose

Experimental setup for Suica
Suica stands for “Super Urban Intelligent CArd” and is a kind of a money rechargeable contactless smart card used as a fare card on train lines in Japan.
A digital filtered terahertz spectral image
Terahertz mapping system developed in 2010, which was financially supported by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency in Japan.


THz Analysis is spectroscopic data analytical software package that runs on Microsoft Windows XP1. Primarily, the software is designed to analyze data generated by terahertz and FTIR spectrometers.

1. An Overview of THz Analysis

The main features of THz Analysis are listed as below:

  1. File Function: Performs standard data file functions such as saving, reading, printing, etc.
  2. Edit Function: controls cross-file spectral data and sets file properties.
  3. Display Function: Displays the tool bar, and can control the axis of graph etc.
  4. Data Processing Function
  5. Window Function: Performs arrangement/sorting of windows
  6. Help Function: Displays the version information of the program.

2. Data handling

The handling of data can be generally classified into the following four types. The appropriate data handling is performed based on the attributes of each one of the following:

  1. Measurement data [Time waveform] or [Interferogram]
  2. The measured spectrum 「 (Single beam spectrum (amplitude / phase) 」
  3. The transmittance / reflectance / absorbance / complex refractive index / complex dielectric constant etc
  4. Other types of data

3. TDS specific function

When this program is installed, in addition to the basic functions of THz Analysis, the following functions can also be used.
Calculates the complex refractive index, complex dielectric constant and complex conductivity of the sample used in the measurement of transmission and reflection.