The terahertz spectrometer-advancing inspection and analysis

Tera Prospector, terahertz time-domain spectrometer developed by PNP,
for non- destructive internal analysis of wide range materials.
This spectrometer has large sample room space.
The versatility of this spectrometer is enhanced by a large sample chamber,
to which optical systems can be attached to suit a variety of applications.

The Tera Prospector is a newly developed spectrometer that measures the boundary regions between light and radio waves; this is not possible using conventional systems.
Electric field strength and phase information can be measured simultaneously,
by the measurement of time-domain waveforms of the electromagnetic pulse’ s electric field strength.
By analyzing the difference in the time-domain wave form of the reference and sample,
it is possible to obtain the frequency dependence of the complex dielectric constant and complex refractive index , of the sample.


The Tera Prospector has an external input port for use with an external femto- second laser.
In our system an external femto-second laser can be shared with not only our TDS system but also the other optical systems.
And customers can change specification for 10fs pulse width laser.
Measurement zone will become so wide.
For customers who have previously purchased a femto- second laser we can supply the TDS optical bench without laser.

The spectrometer is used not only for transmission/reflection measurement; it can also be used with other optional accessories such as mapping measurement.
The Tera Prospector can also be used with custom designed accessories. When using optional optics the change in time origin can be easily corrected with a sub-stage. Temperature dependent measurement can be performed using optional heating/cooling accessories

The measurement software can be used for automation of the measurement sequence and can be set-up for a variety of combinations of measurement procedures.
The Tera Prospector can be used to perform measurement in combination with other systems.
Measurement control can also be made from an external program.

Tera Prospector realize simplified connection to setup by two cables(LAN and USB) The spectrometer main unit and PC require only a modest requirement of bench space

Results for measurement of a high resistance silicon wafer

Verify the peak which is reflected repeatedly from the surface of a wafer.
From the Fourier-transform of the time ?domain waveform (left graph) ,it is possible to obtain the frequency dependence of transmittance and phase (right graph),and the complex refractive index at each frequency can be obtained.
Furthermore, by analyzing the frequency dependence of the complex dielectric constant with the Drude model, the carrier density and mobility are obtained.

Example of measurement of absorbance to obtain sugar content

Example of using the terahertz absorbance spectrum for analyzing molecule branched side chains (distinction of functional group side chains)

The differences in the side chains of perylene derivatives (PTCDI-C5, C8 and PH) can be observed using the absorbance spectrum in the terahertz region.

Example of transmission measurement of a resin material (Suica : electronic swipe card)

A Suica card consists of a loop coil and FeliCa chip encapsulated in PET-G resin.
Components inside the resin are visible using terahertz measurement.

Complex refractive index measurement of a quartz sample

Dependence on the relationships between the quartz crystal axis and the incident electric field , the large differences in the complex refractive index can be observed The figure shows analysis results of the complex refractive index obtained from the transmission measurement for an incident polarized THz electric field parallel to the X and Z axes in Y-cut quartz crystal.

Product specifications

Measurement system THz-TDS(Time-Domain Spectroscopy)
Measurement signal Time waveform of the electric field strength
Output data Transmission/reflection spectrum (option), Complex Refractive Index and Complex Dielectric Constant (analysis program use)
Sample chamber optical arrangement Transmission optical system arrangement
With an optical system attachment (option), general-purpose measurement such as reflection and ATR measurement can be made.
Variable temperature measurement with cryostat (optional) can be made.
Sample chamber capacity 232 (W) x 482 (D) x 281 (H) mm, approximately 31L
Measurement zone 200 GHz – 4 THz or greater (cut-off frequency)
Spectral resolution 6 GHz or less
Dynamic range 40 dB or greater (power spectrum: Maximum)
Signal-noise ratio 2500: 1 or greater (time waveform)
femto- second pulsed laser Option (an external laser source can be used)
Sample form Solid samples, liquid samples (requires a liquid cell)
PC requirements PC compatible with Windows OS (version 10 or later)
The PC (above) requires one wired LAN and one USB for connection to the Tera Prospector.
Software Measurement Software and Analysis Software
Dimensions/Weight 720 (W) x 660 (D) x 438 (H) mm, approximately 65 kg.(※ excluding wiring and protrusions etc.)
Power source AC100 V ( 50/60 Hz ) 10 A

※ For other requirements, please request us .

Rotational sampler for a transmission (TPR-01) and reflection (TPR-02) measurement

This option unit is a rotational sampler for the standard terahertz time-domain spectrometer, “Tera Prospector” , developed by Nippo Precision Co., Ltd.
In general, it is essential that atmospheric water vapor on a terahertz optical path is removed after all sample exchange processes to accurately obtain a terahertz spectrum because of the adsorption of atmospheric water vapor in terahertz region.
This unit makes it possible to automatically measure several terahertz signals without exposing the terahertz optical path to the atmosphere and improve measurement efficiency.


Model 【TPR-01】 【TPR-02】
Measurement method Transmission Reflection
Dimension/weight W140×D190×H195 / 2.3kg W200×D225×H197 / 4.0kg
Power and controller Standard equipment of Tera Prospector
Electrical connection HR10A Series (HIROSE ELECTRIC Co., Ltd)
Available sample state / size Solid / >φ5mm Solid / >φ5mm
Sample selection Software